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Q & A at The Houseplant Source

Q. Does houseplantsource.com really have a greenhouse?
A: Yes we do. We have a 30,000 square foot greenhouse range in Colorado.

Q. What kind of plants does House Plant Source carry?
A. We carry a full line of interior potted plants, house plants, hanging plants, blooming plants, and cactus & succulents.

Q. Does House Plant Source ship all of the plants they carry?
A. No. Due to shipping costs and shipping regulations we can only ship 2″, 3″, 4″ and 6″ plants.

Q. Does House Plant Source ship to all States?
A. No. We do not ship to Alaska, Colorado and Hawaii. Even though our shopping cart will allow residents of Alaska, Colorado and Hawaii to place an order, we’ll cancel the order and issue a refund on the credit card.

Q. Why won’t you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?
A. Because of geographic location, it takes too long for your order to arrive which will probably damage your order.

Q. Why don’t you ship to Colorado?
A. House Plant Source’s parent company is wholesale only. We don’t want to compete with other Colorado plant business.

Q. How does House Plant Source ship their plants?
A. We ship our plants on USPS (Postal Service) priority mail.

Q. How are the plants prepared and packaged for shipping?
A. After we have selected a happy and healthy plant for you we’ll water the plant(s) so that it is well hydrated before shipping. Then we’ll wrap the plant in Styrofoam insulation to help pad the plant and keep it warm during shipping. Then we’ll put your plant in a strong box and deliver it to the post office for shipping.

Q. What if my plant arrives damaged?
A. We’ll be happy to work with you if you have a problem. Please contact House Plant Source via email at info @ houseplantsource.com or fax to: 303-986-3688.

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The House Plant Source

Arvada, Colorado 80005
Email: info @ houseplantsource.com
Fax: 303-986-3688
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